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Lithium Basis Price range Date Price change Market pressure
Carbonate 99.5% min. Battery grade EXW China SUBSCRIBE
Carbonate 99.5% min. Battery grade CIF Japan & Korea SUBSCRIBE
Carbonate 99.5% min. Battery grade EXW EU SUBSCRIBE
Carbonate 99.5% min. Battery grade EXW US SUBSCRIBE
Hydroxide Monohydrate 56.5% min. EXW China SUBSCRIBE
Hydroxide Monohydrate 56.5% min. CIF Japan/Korea SUBSCRIBE
Hydroxide Monohydrate 56.5% min. EXW EU SUBSCRIBE
Hydroxide Monohydrate 56.5% min. EXW US SUBSCRIBE
Metal 99.0 % min. EXW China SUBSCRIBE





Across the globe, lithium can be found mainly in pegmatite type deposits and brine deposits, with brine resources accounting for a large part of the resources. 

Deposits discussed here cover deposits not discussed in the Lithium supply by countries section. They are either not in production, or Lithium from this deposits is produced in small quantities or as in case of U.S., the data regarding the production levels is not publicly available. This part covers Canada, U.S., Russia, Finland, Czech Republic, Serbia and Mali.

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Portugal has had a difficult mining history with labour and unions and suffers from the high price of the Euro but may prove to be a beneficial destination for lithium production from a European perspective. Close proximity to European automotive manufacturers will give desirable supply for product which has traditionally been sold for glass & ceramics. 

Find out if existing operations and projects under development give hope for EU Lithium independence.

The Bikita mine is one of the largest lithium mines in Zimbabwe. The mine is located in southern part of the country in Masvingo Province, known for its natural beauty.  Bikita mine is run by Bikita Minerals, Zimbabwe’s largest Lithium producer. In 2017 according to sources Bikita Minerals spend around USD 7 millions on equipment upgrade and further geological expansion.

Learn about existing and prospective operations in the reviving Zimbabwean economy. 

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