The most authoritative source of information about lithium market and industry. Platform for exchange of ideas and creation of initiatives in between business, science and public institutions. Source of guidelines, standards and best practices for lithium market’s stakeholders.


Our vision is a platform which:
  • matures and develops together with lithium market and industry
  • evolves in the same direction as an industry it serves, to stay relevant for its members and general public




To address the most relevant and complex issues for lithium market & industry as:


  • shaping the image of the industry in the eyes of public opinion and public sector’s decision makers
  • informing public opinion and public institutions on the current state and future of the lithium market & industry through objective, high quality and independent research
  • support of new initiatives on lithium market
  • fostering close dialogue in between of lithium market participants as producers, traders, service providers and regulators
  • creation of authoritative price assessment service
  • lithium production and environmental impact
  • development of technology and its impact on the lithium industry
  • development of spot market for lithium at all stages of processing
  • opportunities related to entry of new players on the market