5th May 2019

Cathode manufacturers in China operate in very low margin territory, yet battery factories in beginning of May are reported to still keep pushing for lower prices. It has a direct impact on cathode materials prices in the country, with price of lithium iron phosphate…

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28th April 2019

The growing number of energy storage projects in the world uses different types of batteries together to achieve synergies and therefore an increased performance. Analysts call it a “hybridisation trend”, with most frequently lithium-ion and vanadium redox flow batteries being used…

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21st April 2019

According to Chinese media reports ProLogium solid state battery plant (commercial not a pilot) is ahead of schedule to start mass production in 2021 instead of planned 2022. If these plans materialise ProLogium will become the world’s first solid state battery plant producing for mass market. The plant is situated in Taoyuan, Taiwan. ProLogium plans have been criticised…

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14th April 2019

Qinghai Salt Lake Industry Co.,Ltd listed in Shenzhen is a major player on the market among the Chinese companies which directly extract lithium from the ground (in this case from the brine) and not rely to large extent on imported material for processing and production of lithium carbonate.

Potassium chloride however remains its main line of business. Company disclosed nearly RMB 18 million as a revenue for 2018 (roughly USD 2,7 million) with a net loss of…

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4th April 2019

In February 2019, China’s total imports of cobalt amounted to 3,826 metal tons, down 30% from the previous month and down 28% year-on-year.

Sales of spodumene concentrates in China during the last month have been low. Smelters have been fully stocked by the Chinese New Year (5th Feb) and also reduced the output in March. Currently prices for spodumene are at the levels of XXXX-XXXX/MT…

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27th March 2019

Sichuan Province municipal & government agencies issued a joint plant focused on developing EV and Battery industry in the province. With development of pilot battery recycling plant as a priority.

Chinese Weilai Automoile builds autonomous EVs (https://www.nio.io). In the first quarter of 2019, Weilai Automobile delivered 3,989 units of its flagship ES8, of which 1,373 units were delivered in March, an increase of 69.3% from the 811 units in February. Weilai Automobile has so far put a total of 15,337 ES8s on the market.

The spot price of cobalt sulphate, used in batteries for energy storage in China rose. Chinese spot price was impacted by the rising price of cobalt on global market and the low levels of downstream inventories. The price in the range of…

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20th March 2019

According to Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology among new models of Electric Vehicles announced this time lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries will be installed in 61% of passenger vehicles and 94% of buses and “special” vehicles. This announcement corresponds to Lithium Today expectations posted some days ago on Twitter and mentioned in previous Lithium Market Wire that with expected withdrawal of government subsidies battery makers and EV producers will switch back into cost effective LFP cathode material which lost market share last year and which prices dropped by over 40% yoy. Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is…

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13th March 2019

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) as a cathode material of choice lost competition to Lithium Nickel Oxide and Lithium Manganese Oxide some time ago, but with reduction of subsidies on Chinese market this year it has a potential to regain a market share, due to its cost competitiveness and particularly weak demand for several months that drove its price to the levels more than 40% lower year over year, and as low as USD 7450-7600/MT in March, what dangerously put it to the levels where producers are manufacturing at cost. LFP production process…

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6th March 2019

In BYD’s February sales report, automaker states sales of 14,429 EVs while the number from February last year was at the level of 8,357 vehicles what signifies an increase of 72.7%. For January sales of EVs in China doubled year-over-year, with a government’s plan of 30% EV subsidies reduction in 2019. As there is no certainty from when the cuts will become effective consumers rush to secure still subsidised purchases.

The price for NMC and LFP cathode materials keeps going down since the end of Chinese Spring Festival, however the price spread between those materials widens, as a demand for LFPs becomes stronger. Implications of…

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26th February 2019

Investment in Chilean lithium mines is estimated at USD 1.8 billion for 2018, constituting over 270% increase year over year. While Chile’s lithium exports for last year reached a figure of USD 948 million. To put this in context, revenues from copper exports were at the level of over USD 15 billion.

Lanxiao Technology and Jintai Lithium concluded a contract for construction, operation and servicing of lithium carbonate production line with a capacity of 4000 MT/year. Project is planned to be completed before the end of December 2019.

Jintai Lithium operates in the Balenmahai mining area of Qinghai Province and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qinghai Jintai Potash Fertilizer, entity possessing mining rights for Barumma Sea Salt Lake. In…

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19th February 2019

Jiangxi Dongpeng New Materials Co., Ltd. according to Chinese media reports plans to start production of Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate 56.5% min. and Lithium Carbonate 99.5% min in second half of this year. Plant will be located in Xinyu, Jiangxi Province with total investment of around 380 million Yuans. The planned annual capacity will be at the level of 15 000 MT for Lithium Hydroxide and 10 000 MT for Lithium Carbonate. The company has been known so far production of cesium and rubidium salts. Founded in 2000, its…

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12th February 2019

In Q4 Chinese smartphone market shrinked by 9.7% y/o/y. Apple’s smartphone shipments were estimated to contract by almost 20% y/o/y, Xiaomi 35% y/o/y, while Huawei shipments surged 23.3% y/o/y despite controversies surrounding the company.

Lithium cobalt oxide market is stale and the transaction price is affected by the recently increased volatility of raw materials. Battery factories have large stocks, so downstream demand is weak.

Starting from the end of last year lithium metal price has been gradually falling. Impacted by lower price of lithium salts, winter environmental inspection of pharmaceutical companies that ended up in several closures and a weakened demand…

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4th February 2019

Nanjing based Hanrui Cobalt Co., established in 1997, and specialized in exploitation and refining of cobalt ore enters import and export business, with focus on materials as cobalt chloride and cobalt sulfate. Lithium carbonate and hydroxide markets are quiet, as logistical capabilities remain limited in China for New Year’s Eve festival. Price for…

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24th January 2019

Apple which uses Samsung SDI batteries in its products hired Samsung battery executive to lead their battery development project. Analysts speculate that it may signify Apple’s desire to develop its own batteries in a long run.

Qinghai Salt Lake Potash Company Limited (SHE: 000792) (seller of Lithium Carbonate) runs a risk of de-listing warning from Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The company announced a second year of losses in its 2018 annual results forecast.

Market for lithium salts effectively halt in expectation of Chinese New Year. No transactions have been reported and logistic operations have been discontinued. The price of lithium carbonate continue to..

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14th January 2019

Sales of EVs in China increased by 19% in December from the previous month and by 79% YOY. Last week trading activity in Lithium Carbonate and Hydroxide was low. Due to price declines in the last year, buyers are said to not build stocks before holidays in China. The price of Lithium Carbonate remains steady from the last week, while the prices of Lithium Carbonate…

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4th January 2019

The price of lithium metal is over 22,000 Yuan/MT lower than its price in the beginning of December. Since price of lithium hydroxide went down, price of lithium chloride, a component for production of lithium metal also decreased. Consumption is weakened impacted by winter environmental inspection controls in pharmaceutical companies, located on the coast, main buyers for lithium metal. This state of affairs will probably last until the end of Spring Festival (end of 1st quarter). Traders say that orders…

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18th December 2018

At these time of the year it is customary for price negotiations for long term deals to take place among lithium compounds producers in China and hard rock/brine miners. Reportedly it is difficult for two sides to reach a consensus this year.

Lithium compounds producers are said to locked the prices last year which decreased their profit margins and hence try to take a harder stance during this year negotiations. Miners are the party which traditionally has more bargaining power in…

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12th December 2018

Chinese lithium carbonate producers are said to keep low stocks. At the same time floods have been reported to affect brine producers in Qinghai region.

It all may add up to price increases in the beginning of 2019. At present price stays stable in the range of XX. Market participants become more and more keen to price the contracts on the basis of existing price indexes while..

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5th December 2018

Shenyang is the capital and largest city of China’s northeast Liaoning Province. It is situated in a close proximity to the border with North Korea. On 3rd December Shenyang Municipal Government stated that city will focus on supporting EV and battery industries, through a specially designated scheme. The goal for local authorities is to reach production output of 100,000 EVs in 2020.

Perhaps a chance to find out..

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29th November 2018

The demand for lithium carbonate is flat. Battery grade trades in a range of XX. Buyers’ price ideas remain at a level of XX, while some of the lithium carbonate producers are hard pressed to sell at cost. Industrial grade carbonate from Qinghai region is at the level of XX. There is a visible spread on the market for lithium hydroxide between material coming from different producers. Output of some producers is considered superior in terms of quality and can fetch a premium over..

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28th November 2018

BYD paused its project to open an electric trucks production facility in Canada until further notice.

Audi plans for expansion on Chinese market with 4 models of pure EVs, designed and produced in China. Audi’s newest EV model destined for Chinese market boasts 500 km range on a single charge and can recharge its battery to 80% of its capacity in 30 minutes…

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26th November 2018

Jiangsu Guotai plans to construct lithium-ion battery electrolyte plant with capacity of XX tons/year in Poland. The preparations for obtaining environmental and construction permits from the Polish authorities are in progress. Construction will take around XX months and the total investment in the project will amount to XX million yuans. The Jiangsu Guotai is a diversified group active in a range of industries as IT, energy, real estate and finance.

The demand for lithium battery electrolytes continues to grow. The company’s holding subsidiary, Huarong Chemical Products is well positioned in this market, with strong…

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23rd November 2018

The construction of new EV production facility in Huai’an Economic Development Zone, developed by Xinxun New Energy Vehicles, with annual production capacity of XX unit has been signed-off. It is planned to be put into operation before the end of 2020.

Market for LCO continues to weaken. The price for Lithium Cobalt Oxide with applications in 4.2-4.35 V batteries is in a range of XX. Major lithium-ion battery factories…

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22nd November 2018

For around a decade Chinese government has been supporting EV and battery industry at a regional and national level.
According to Chinese authorities the size and maturity of those industries and its market achieved the level, where subsidies shall be slowly withdrawn. Since Chinese EV and battery industry is strong enough to face a Japanese and Korean competition without any governmental support. Based on that premise subsidies will be slowly decreased and completely cancelled in XXXX. Chinese..

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21st November 2018

Sichuan Chemical Co Ltd in response to investors questions stated that XX MT of production capacity for lithium salts will become available by the end of 2018.

WM Motors (Weltmeister), Chinese EV brand founded in 2015, committed to becoming an EV brand with wider market appeal (read for the masses), invested in the construction of new XX GWh battery project. The pace at which new battery Giga factories are announced in China is truly electrifying.

The market for lithium hydrox…

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19th November 2018

According to Real Li Research – well known Chinese domestic research company, in October 2018, the total installed lithium batteries capacity in Chinese EV market reached XXGWh, a year-on-year increase of XX, and continues to maintain a very good trend.

Lithium carbonate prices are rather stable in the last days. The spread between industrial and battery grade keeps on narrowing. The price of industrial grade remains in a range of XX….

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15th November 2018

Suzhou Ta&A Ultra Clean Tech, Contemporary Amperex Technology and Yibin Tianyuan plan a construction of new lithium carbonate and hydroxide factory with annual capacity of XX tons in Sichuan province, as a JV.

The project is scheduled for two phases. By the end of 2019 production capacity of XX tons of lithium compounds is planned to be ready, while the second stage is planned to be finalized by the end of 2021.

Johnson Controls International has entered a USD 13.2bn agreement to sell its power solutions business to Brookfield Business Partners. Upon finalization of this transaction…

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14th November 2018

Lithium hydroxide prices continue their fall. It is a direct result of increased downstream production capacity in China, slowly finding its way on the market. The healthy demand from the side of grease, pharma and battery industries does not help to support a price level from the summer season. In the late summer season, price was in the range of XX for 56.5% min. grade, while battery grade was trading at a level of XX.

Currently the prices for both grades declined to the levels of XX and XX, respectively. The smaller drop for battery grade comes from the fact that up to XX of current hydroxide monohydrate production capacity can only deliver a standard grade material. In the near future, it is quite likely that standard grade hydroxide will fall further. As a demand for standard grade hydroxide, especially used in greases is decreasing – at that price level, grease producers are hard pressed to look for substitutes. On the other hand the battery grade prices shall…

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13th November 2018

China produced XX GWh of batteries in October. All together XX GWh of batteries has been produced from the beginning of the year. These numbers are relatively small in comparison to what awaits in the pipeline. Wanxiang Group just announced to invest in 80 GWh lithium battery factory, that would be used in its future EV production.

Prices for lithium carbonate battery grade remain unchanged in the last days. The spread between industrial and battery grade is narrowing. Lithium compounds manufacturers experience increased buying interest, which does not seem to materialize. The price for industrial grade lithium carbonate is in the range of XX, while the price for lithium battery grade oscillates in the range of XX. Demand for lithium hydroxide also did not experience any support. The average price for lithium hydroxide monohydrate 56.5% is at a level of XX while battery grade trades in a range of XX and is…

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