It is difficult to maintain a status quo, even if we like the way things are. We either move forward or go backward. With the world pushing forward at a current rate of technological development and with all geopolitical shifts we face, standing still is a real feat on a level of individual, let alone on the level of organization.

Lithium (r)evolution is also progressing. When you look at the mainstream press titles, lithium more and more often occupies the headlines. In last 2 weeks you could find articles on lithium discoveries in Portugal and prospects they create for stimulating Portuguese economy (with insights from Lithium Today quoted), featuring from renown European opinion making titles as Capital or Le Point to the regionally important News of Bahrain. This week, if you take an October edition of Wired UK, hugely influential technology magazine, you will find Elon Musk on the front page and interesting coverage of lithium market inside, together with a series of very tasteful photos, portraying some stages of supply chain. These are signs of the times, to which we are bound to respond.

We started as a portal covering the market and industry, adding market related consulting services on the go. Yet experiencing the mounting interest from the side of wider public and a gamut of public agencies and institutions, we are bound to react, transforming into a form which is conceptually perhaps closest to a think-tank. Still for profit, as it gives us the most flexibility but maybe this is also something to re-asses in the future?

The transition leads to 2 tangible outcomes. More free content, more engagement with audience, more dialogue with a public sector and institutions, as opportunities and challenges related to development of lithium industry ceased to be of concern only to its (from macro perspective) narrow range of participants. The new Lithium Today will strive to be driven by its newly reformulated vision and mission.

The structure of the website itself will have to be changed in order to reflect and to address new developments. It starts with well needed introduction of the blog, where we will place content which does not fit the labels under other categories on this website, as well as a content with more “conversational” characteristics.

So, please look forward to several changes in forthcoming weeks, and let us know what you think by shooting us an email.